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Alert! Our Weekly Round-up Is Coming Your Way

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A friendly reminder to not miss out on this week’s article that could be life-changing

You’ve probably been following my uploads. But in case you missed any of them, here’s this week’s list of my extremely informative articles that you can learn a lot from.

From a Lack of Employee Accountability to High-Performing Organizations

82% of leaders have little to no ability to hold their employees accountable for the outcome of their work.

Why is that a problem in any organization?

How can you [as a leader] tackle this issue?

A lack of employee accountability can create a domino effect, starting with:

  • Mistrust
  • Low morale
  • Devaluation
  • Low productivity

Is that what you want in your organization?

I think not

Head to this article to find out how to tackle it.

How to Think in Complex Systems

You’d think that as the world is evolving, so are modern organizations

But that’s certainly not the case

Modern organizations deserve modern solutions

Let me walk you through it,

  • The human brain is a complex system
  • Modern organizations are run by humans
  • Modern organizations are complex systems
  • Complex systems need modern solutions to be successfully run

Systems thinking is the modern solution.

If you want to learn how and why, click on the link.

How to Adopt Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection to Gain Competitive Advantage

You can take a lot from what nature has to offer, especially in business

Darwin’s theory of natural selection revolutionized biology.

Artificial intelligence revolutionized the modern era

Genetic algorithm combined with artificial intelligence will revolutionize today’s modern business.

=> Genetic Algorithm + Artificial Intelligence = Competitive advantage

How? You’re going to have to click on the link to find out.

What I Learned from 12,000 Executives and CEOs that Can Change Your Life

As a strategy consultant, I met and worked with almost 12K executives and CEOs.

I noticed one thing you can definitely learn from

I always started by asking them:

“What’s the biggest challenge you face today that’s keeping you up at night?”

75% of the answers came down to a common category of root causes.

Click on this article to know what they are and learn the right tools to tackle them.

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